Wheel Of Fortune

Most people know that roulette is a game originated in France. But few people, even if they are avid roulette players, who know more about the history of this exciting game, or even have heard the name of Blaine Pascal. Yet without Pascal, there would be no roulette.

Impossible not to know Blasé Pascal, mathematician and philosopher of genius born in 1623, one of the prominent figures in history with a capital H. He probably did not foresee that his mathematical studies produce a gambling and money most popular in the world, and yet this is exactly what happened.

In 1655, Pascal tries in effect to create a perpetual motion machine, the philosopher's stone of business mathematics. Of course he never succeeded, but the result of his concept gave the first roulette wheel base. It was easy to see how this could become a game of chance, we did not know how someone could make a profit.

Until 1842. That year, the brothers François and Louis Blanc realized that if we added a 0 to the wheel without changing the structure of earnings, the House gain an advantage even without players noticing. This is how the real game of roulette was born.

Shortly after, the game made its way to the United States and a double zero was added, further consolidating a little house advantage. Today, players can find roulette wheels in casinos and online casinos offer this game also naturally.